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Rambling incoherent musings. It's hard for me to put things into words when it's not a joke. But I'll try. This is not sentiment to be taken seriously.

There is no TL:DR. Call it a shitpost and skip if you don't want to read it.
Well....The way I see it...DeFcon 2 and the people sitting on some channels like this and the Ethereum forums are the ones that want to know the bleeding edge of Ethereum news. We are sitting in a circle. We're all sitting here in bewilderment. I'm blown away by what I'm reading. I can't even understand the technicals but I can see the vision. But we're just one big circle trying to put the pieces together.
I could care less about this stupid $1.50 move today. I'm not trader so please don't take offense. I know you are trying to feed your families and I want you to be great at this game. This post isn't about price really. If I had to, I couldn't imagine trading any of this right now. The writing is on the wall in pretty charts and candlestick thingys for you to decide if you think this platform is worth $13 today. I think you know the answer. There is going to be a green candle coming that is going to make that rise from $4 to $22 look like child's play. The billionaires are watching this shit. They are only talking about it but they are doing more talk than Bitcoin ever dreamed of. That's my feeling. They are whispering and waiting for each other to flinch like a Clint Eastwood movie. The Multi-Millionaires only whisper.
Those short time frame folks who worry about the price just remember we don't even have the final video or the Blockchain summit complete. We're getting bits of info from gracious correspondents and 100 character tweets. The damn summit couldn't even be streamed because China. I couldn't aggregate all the news in one read even if I tried....I'm very grateful to those who have posted cliff notes of what happened.
Speculators/Investors (that's me) I think some major shit is gonna happen to the price in 4-6 months once we get closer to POS (and beyond) and all the geniuses that got to hang out with each re-enter meetings with their ICO partners and take what was presented at DeFcon and reinvigorate their particular Dapp plans....
The attacks are being tamed immediately and really this is the best time for them to try. PLEASE keep trying. We NEED you to keep all of us with capabilities sharp as a razor to fix it. Don't bitch and whine when the price falls back to $12 again...please...bubbles within bubbles are gonna happen. Soon you'll be complaining it fell back to $22
Now...Go back 3 months...How many of those AWESOME developments we learned about were tight lipped between each of the companies leading up to DefCon? NDA's much? How many of these awesome developers were so wrapped up in their coding they didn't dare look up from the screen to do anything else. They had major deadlines to beat to get ready for DeFCon. I'm sure a fair amount of them anyway. Hats off to the focus and attention...and now this same small circle of people here on Reddit and elsewhere are probably scratching their heads on whole new ideas that bridge gaps. We are bridging gaps and we are a tiny group.
Synergy or maybe some clarity about the road (or whatever that word thingy) is...roadmap?...fuck I don't know....I'm not an intellectual. BUT ....I think that's whats coming in Q1/Q2 - 2017. I'll call it Ethergy.
If Vitalik is getting listed on Fortune and Businessweek in the same damn day that's gonna get some wigs thinking seriously about why they didn't give bitcoin a shot all those years ago. That team is a beast.
The door is opening to a new class of investors instead of just crypto geeks. The crazy amount of news in the last year is leaving me spellbound. 2017 will be more exciting than 2016 for a new group of people. Just like 2016 was more exciting for me than when I learned about Ethereum in 2015. I didn't buy the ICO and I'm a small time dude.
Hugs from KC...I'm just a crazy music teacher with a passion for the kitchen. I bring nothing technical table but proof of steak. You are my favorite people on Reddit. I hardly ever go to any other sub and just check the frontpage every now and then. Maybe it's a disease....Maybe its mETh. But I'm here and happy with what I'm reading.
I'm praying I get Vitalik to KC someday. Or any of those guys. I'm 35 minutes from the airport and I have a loving family in a modest home and it would be an honor to throw a meal on the pit and share the video with the Ethereum family. He's just eccentric enough to show up and chat between 2 ferns his philosophies outdoors.
I'd have to explain to my wife that a man like vbuterin/ wearing a unicorn shirt with donuts on the horn and a cat man-satchel is actually a very normal thing. After all, I did make a license plate for my car with his project's name.
Be good out there.
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