Bitcoin: anonym spenden für jetzt möglich

Someone donated $5 to my TF2 server, then filed an "unauthorized payment" chargeback. PayPal charged me $20. WTF??

Someone donated $5 to my TF2 server, then filed an submitted by Doctor_McKay to tf2 [link] [comments]

i just talked the co founder & CEO of Flattr into creating a bitcoin address. then i tipped him 0.42 to get extra super geek ;)

i just talked the co founder & CEO of Flattr into creating a bitcoin address. then i tipped him 0.42 to get extra super geek ;) submitted by mrschtief to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

BAT Community Weekly Update: 09/14/2018 to 09/20/2018 — Partnership announcement with Civic, official BAT/Brave meetup with Brendan Eich in San Francisco, Brave to be an official sponsor of ETHSanFrancisco, Brave featured in PopularScience tweet to 1.26M followers

Welcome to this week's BAT Community Update! Big thanks to u/MurphD for his excellent contributions!
BLOG: “Civic to Offer Secure Identity Verification Services on the Brave Publisher Platform”
Civic, the global digital identity leader, and Brave, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, will collaborate to provide Civic’s identity verification services to Brave’s verified publishers. Publishers will have the option to use Civic identity verification and other Know Your Customer (KYC) services in order to securely collect the Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) earned via the Brave browser and the BAT platform.
There are currently over 21,000 Brave-verified publishers, and 4 million monthly active users of the Brave browser. Brave users can opt to anonymously and automatically reward publisher content by donating BATs through the integrated Brave Payments system in the browser. In the future, publishers who provide their own Ethereum wallets to receive BAT payments will have the option to use Civic Reusable KYC to verify identity and ensure authenticity. Publishers will benefit from convenient, secure, and private identity verification through the Civic app.
Official BAT & Brave event with Brendan Eich (CEO) in SF (Oct. 4, 2018) leading up to ETHSanFrancisco Conference
Come meet Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave & Basic Attention Token, co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox, and creator of JavaScript at this exclusive BAT & Brave event in San Francisco with the BAT & Brave Team. Discover our mission and how you can partner with Brave for a Better Web.
October 5th - 7th: BAT & Brave will be officially sponsoring ETHSanFrancisco — We will have a booth + development teams participating in the hackathon Come meet Jennie, Chris and Luke from the BAT Team + other Brave team members!
September 21st: Presentation + Q&A with Brian Bondy, co-founder & CTO of Brave at the Bitcoin Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brian R. Bondy‏ @brianbondy Brian R. Bondy Retweeted manuel beaudroit I'll be doing a presentation and Q&A on @brave and @AttentionToken at the Bitcoin Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please join me on Friday while there's still space. 7:24 PM - 19 Sep 2018
Popular Science piece, featuring Brave
Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives
September 27th: BAT x Content Creator Workshop 1.0 in Bekasi, Indonesia
Learn to become a verified Brave publisher (website, YouTube, Twitch). Don't forget to bring your own laptop!
Medium article from fellow BAT Community member, Daniel Colin James: “The Attention Revolution: Your next browser will pay you”
You’re about to witness a movement that will make the shift from desktop to mobile look boring. Google and Facebook amass staggering amounts of money by harvesting your data and charging advertisers for your attention, but that’s going to change very soon.
The power is about to shift from the tech giants of Silicon Valley to the foot soldiers of the internet: me and you.
Who are your top 10 Brave verified publishers and creators? #BATCommunityTop10
Earlier this week we polled the community for your list of top 10 Brave verified publishers and creators with the idea of building a community-curated list of favorites! Here’s what you came up with:
  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. The Guardian
  3. Coinmarketcap
  4. Vimeo
  5. Vice
  6. Washington Post
  7. TrapNation on YouTube
  8. EvansEasyJapanese
  9. Coinmastery on YouTube
  10. TrapNation on YouTube
To become a verified publisher or creator, check out our BAT Community YouTube channel for video guides about how to verify your website, YouTube channel or Twitch channel:
Learn about how to take advantage of Brave's referral promo for publishers and content creators! Earn $5 in BAT for every new user you get to download and try Brave!:
New Instructional Videos from the BAT Community
“How to Report a Bug or Issue with Brave” by u/murphd
“Brave Shields: How to Block Third Party Ads and Trackers on the Web” by u/cryptojennie
“Enabling and Disabling Shields to Fix Websites” by u/murphd
BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Daily Merch Giveaways for this week are:
Monday (Reddit): u/wardaddy779
Tuesday (Twitter): @patelxyasmine
Wednesday (Facebook): Perry Gorham
Thursday (Contributor special): Rao Lin
Friday (Instagram): alex_vincent
Click here to see pics of previous giveaway winners rocking their BAT/Brave merch!:
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday to participate in our daily merch giveaways for your chance to win!

Client Updates:

Brave releases Brave Dev version v0.55.5
Brave releases Brave desktop version v0.24.0
In this released, we fixed back and forward navigation buttons animating when scrolling on macOS (#14785), disabled swipe navigation when content is horizontally scrollable (#14871), fixed notifications not being displayed on certain websites (#15124), fixed opening local files via drag and drop creates about:blank tabs (#15203) and more!
See full details here:

Brave Team Tweets:

Not a tweet: Brendan posts on Hacker News how each user could potentially earn in just two years
I would not be surprised if our users can make $70/year as we bring the system up in 2019 -- when ad deals will be harder to come by and we'll subsidize revenue from BAT's User Growth Pool -- and climb by 2020 to above .7 * 320 or $224 net user revenue per year. See the full comment here:
Brian R. Bondy @brianbondy Tor support coming to a Brave Core Dev channel update soon. @anthonnytseng just landed the Tor feature. 25 commits, 3k+ lines. Great work! Sep 14, 2018
Over 21,000 publishers! BrendanEich ✔@BrendanEich We are paying over 21,000 publishers now. 10:06 PM - Sep 14, 2018
Eljuno of BAT Indonesia posts amazing pictures of their local Meetup!
Eljuno @eljuno_ Replying to @eljuno_ @Brave demo at #BATcafe. About Brave Payments, Verified Publishers and How to withdrawal. cc @BAT_Community @AttentionToken @lukemulks @BAT_Indonesia Sep 15, 2018
Brian Clifton, Brave engineer, reflects on switching from the Muon fork of Brave to the Chromium fork
Brian Clifton‏ @_brianclifton When I started triaging our backlog, there were almost 2,700 issues and over 60 pull requests. We're now slightly over 700 issues and pull requests are down to 14 19 Sep 2018
What about supporting Blogspot?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich We will get there. Reddit and Twitter accounts ahead, blogspot on list of UGC platforms. Sep 19, 2018
Glad to have you on board, Sampson!
Sampson | @BraveSampson Today marks 2 years at @brave. I could not imagine a more exciting way to have spent the last couple of years than alongside this great team of visionaries and engineers. 2:06 PM - Sep 19, 2018
Brave lacks a communication channel between the author and browser user… For now. :)
Hello @bobpoekert Replying to @BrendanEich @brave but what it doesn't have (and what makes patreon different from flattr) is a special communication channel between the author and the consumer. people give money to patreon because they feel a personal connection to the author & patreon optimizes for that
BrendanEich @BrendanEich We are working on that -- has to support 'nyms of course, and be opt-in for anonymity by default. 11:52 PM - Sep 19, 2018
Conlan Rios @conlan @BrendanEich random shower thought: would be cool if users could share domain(s) that they've pinned with their active monthly % allocation. The digital equivalent of a bumper sticking saying "I'm a proud supporter of radio station/newspape affiliation X".
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Yes, this and sharing bravestats (the colored numbers of blocked/upgraded on new tab page) are great ideas. Putting into mix with Product folks. 7:17 PM - Sep 18, 2018

BAT/Brave in the News:

As Brave Gears Up to Weaponize Privacy, Google Becomes Its Primary Target
Representatives of Brave, the Open Rights Group and University College London filed simultaneous complaints with Data Protection Authorities (DPA) in the U.K. and Ireland under GDPR rules. The concerned parties are seeking a pan-European investigation into the practices of just about every ad-tech company—Google, in particular—in a challenge that will have far-reaching implications for the media business if successful.
Popular Science Features Brave in the article “Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives”
We do a lot of our web browsing through our phones: More than half of site visits originate with mobile devices. Android and iOS phones both come with default browsers made by the platform's developers. On Android, Google Chrome takes pride of place, while iPhones and iPads rely on pre-installed versions of Apple's Safari. However, these are far from your only choices. Just like your computer, your phone offers a variety of options to help you navigate the internet. We collected seven feature-packed web browsers that protect your privacy, reduce your data use, boost your speed, and more.

News You Should Know:

Apple moves to thwart Facebook tracking
Facebook and other companies routinely track your online surfing habits to better target ads at you. Two web browsers now want to help you fight back in what’s becoming an escalating privacy arms race. New protections in Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers aim to prevent companies from turning “cookie” data files used to store sign-in details and preferences into broader trackers that take note of what you read, watch and research on other sites.
Uninformed Consent
Technology has advanced far beyond the browser cookies and retargeting that allow ads to follow us around the internet. Smartphones now track our physical location and proximity to other people — and, as researchers recently discovered, can even do so when we turn off location services. We can disable the tracking on our web browsers, but our digital fingerprints can still be connected across devices, enabling our identities to be sleuthed out. Home assistants like Alexa listen to our conversations and, when activated, record what we’re saying.
A growing range of everyday things — from Barbie dolls to medical devices — connect to the internet and transmit information about our movements, our behavior, our preferences, and even our health. A dominant web business model today is to amass as much data on individuals as possible and then use it or sell it — to target or persuade, reward or penalize. The internet has become a surveillance economy.

Roaring Fans:

Daniel Colin James posts a great series of tweets about Brave!
Daniel Colin James @dcwj Retweet if you’ve ever experienced this. Like if you never want to experience this again. Read this thread if you want to learn how the internet is fundamentally broken, how you’ll never have to see a terrible ad ever again, and how your next browser will pay you. Sep 18, 2018
Also, see the Medium version of his thread here:
Reddit user NegusIsBack posts how using the Brave browser with Tor could help save $500 on a flight. See the post here:
Marvin Pido‏ @marvinpido Finally @brave updated to the latest Chrome design. Loving the all white UI. If you can add a dark theme, game over. 4:13 AM - 20 Sep 2018 NEULAND.‏ @NEULANDAgentur Today we test the browser @brave. Looks great! #chromium #browser #brave #neuland #agency #agencylife 20 Sep 2018
Deebs 🏈 🍺 🥓 🇺🇸‏ @DeebsFT Replying to @tcal1961 @tugboatphil and 4 others Hey, @brave! pimping your awesome browser a lot on here today. Prepare for an influx of new users! 23h23 hours ago
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Dev Meeting Notes, 2016 08 22

#namecoin-meeting notes, 2016 08 21 # Present: Jeremy Jonas Brandon Midnightmagic Pigeons Joseph Namecoin Core The wallet name operation bug in Brandon's name tab PR has been isolated by Jeremy. Appears to be a bug in upstream Bitcoin Core (or perhaps Namecoin Core master branch) that has been fixed. Whit Jackson submitted a documentation PR for building on OS X. If anyone can test, please do so! Jonas will test this. Jeremy noticed that Travis CI accidentally flagged our repo as "potential abuse detected". Jeremy contacted Travis CI support and got our account whitelisted. Jonas notices that the Travis CI builds for our 0.13 branch are failing at the moment. Jeremy suggests filing a GitHub issue. Jeremy asked Jonas to submit a PR for Gitian builds for OS X. DrHaribo of BitMinter requested that getblocktemplate be re-added to Namecoin Core. Jeremy points out that since nVersion=4 blocks are nearing the lock-in point, we should deal with this sooner rather than later so that BitMinter doesn't get kicked off the network. Brandon asked on GitHub about how wallet unlocking should be done with the name tab GUI. Upon discussion, Brandon currently plans to try using the raw transaction API for this. Daniel submitted a PR to temporarily disable the low-S standardness check. This should improve confirmation times for the old 0.3.80 clients. The check will be restored after AAA activates. Test reports would be great. Jeremy points out that this needs to be done before nVersion=4 blocks are locked in. Jeremy wonders whether we should cancel plans to release 0.12 as stable, and focus on 0.13 branch. Tentative plan: keep maintaining 0.12 until Bitcoin Core releases v0.13.0; backport the name tab to whatever stable branch exists at the time that it's merged to master. SPV Jeremy's initial PR for Namecoin support has been merged to libdohj. Jeremy still needs to rebase the bitcoinj-addons code based on the libdohj changes made during review, and then submit a pull request. In the meantime, Jeremy's latest bitcoinj-addons and libdohj code is posted. Someone please test it? Jeremy asks if he should post a link on Reddit. Jonas says yes. Jeremy will do so. ncdns Jeremy asked about the old fork of a Conformal library (see previous meeting); Hugo doesn't recall details but thinks it had to do with pre-Namecoin-Core not following spec properly. Hugo would be happy to accept a PR to make it use the current Conformal libs. Jeremy pointed out that sometime in the future we should fix the Extended Key Usage Critical flag on the dehydrated cert template. Go's standard library doesn't have a built-in way of setting that flag, which is why it's not in the first draft. Jeremy and Ryan can't think of any plausible attacks where it matters. Jeremy suggests a 1.0 BTC bounty for an ncdns NSIS installer. Possibly funded 50/50 by NMDF and a fundraiser. Mining Cassini noticed that BTCC and ViaBTC have started mining Namecoin. This is good news for mining diversity. F2Pool's share of Namecoin blocks is down to circa 43% as of July 26, 2016. Public Relations Cassini represented us at GETD#4 in Berlin July 22-23. Jeremy mentions that we should think about translation workflow. Jeremy notes that Bitcoin Core is using Transifex. Jeremy says that whatever works for Bitcoin Core, should probably work for us. Midnightmagic concurs. Joseph believes that Armory (post-ATI) is trying Transifex. Brandon asks what the pricing looks like for Transifex. Joseph believes it's gratis for open-source projects. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia confirms this. Jeremy wonders what safeguards are in place on Transifex to reduce risk of malicious translations. Joseph isn't sure. Jeremy points out that the way we organize the list of exchanges doesn't make sense for decentralized exchanges like Bitsquare. Jeremy suggests listing decentralized exchanges at the top of the list. Jeremy notes that this might annoy the centralized exchanges who pay us for placement, but that this doesn't bother him at all. Midnightmagic concurs. Pigeons mentions that he's seen an increase in Namecoin offers on Bitsquare recently. Jeremy will have a table at the OU CS welcome party on Sept. 9. Let's try to recruit some developers! Brandon asks what the status is of the students from last year. Jeremy is sad to report that the SPV student and the UX student from last year are not participating this semester. Pigeons says a "Namecoin vs Blockstack" FAQ entry would be helpful. Jeremy will work on it. Midnightmagic asks if a meetingbot would be welcome. Jeremy says yes. Midnightmagic will look at setting one up. Funding Jeremy has filed a complaint with Tip4Commit about their usage of CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Tip4Commit has not responded after 25 days. BountySource balance: $5/month from 1 recurring supporter Total funds available: $304 USD Pigeons suggests looking into Patreon. Jeremy notes that they have CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia says they take a 5% commision, which is half of BountySource's 10%. Jeremy notes that some free software projects use them currently. Jeremy will look into this in more detail later. NMDF incoming funds: 0 mBTC received since 2016 07 03 0 NMC received since 2016 07 03 Pigeons suggests looking into Flattr. Jeremy notes that they have CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia says they take a 10% fee (same as BountySource). Jeremy will look into this in more detail later. 
Note: I made a typo in the title of this post on Reddit; the quoted date of the meeting is correct. (I can't see a way to edit the title of a Reddit post.)
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Recurring Payments: Where are we at?

Subscription payments are very important. The lightning network is going to require a fair bit of cash being held in hot wallets.
Does bitcoin have to be in a hot wallet for subscription payments to happen? I'd imagine so since the transactions need to be signed. Perhaps you could sign future payments, when you subscribe, but you'd need to have sufficient funds to cover all those future payments in order to do so (unless I am mistaken).
Flattr have (some time ago) stopped accepting Bitcoin, likely because it doesn't support recurring payments. Most services are paid for by subscription.
Like I say, lightning network is going to have a similar requirement; funds being available in a hot wallet to be signed programmatically (I should state I'm no expert on lightning network, this is my understanding).
Stripe want to be able to support subscriptions, but say they can't:
BitPay (Ref: and Coinbase (Ref: allow you to setup recurring payments from their custodial wallets.
If custodial wallets are already building this functionality into their platforms, I know I for one would certainly prefer it was baked into the bitcoin protocol.
One idea I have around this is that you have a "hot wallet" of sorts, which you've authorized to send upto a specific amount of funds to specific bitcoin addresses offline. And if you want to change that instruction set, amending those instructions requires some offline action. We could then push for something similar to the direct debit guarantee in the UK whereby if additional funds are sent to a payee they will arrange their safe return without complaint. I understand that in the custodial environment banks provide, ensuring companies do do this is easier. However, it is not that easy to be authorized yourselves as a valid direct debit recipient, and subsequently many businesses choose to process them through a third party such as GoCardless. Perhaps businesses would similarly involve a third party. I think Recurly is a similar offering stateside (that exists for similar reasons?).
BIP 70 includes ideas for how bitcoin could handle recurring payments. I haven't read it.
I've also seen while reading this that, stateside, there's really nothing stopping people using Paydici (albeit it's bitcoin support is built on top of the aforementioned support in Bitpay).
Do you know of any wallet developers or others working on bringing this native to bitcoin wallets? Let's not build a future where we're reliant on a new set of intermediaries, unless it's truly necessary (surely not!).
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can we get a flattr replacement

please forgive bad spelling and lack of write up skills , this is just an idea and writing things up is something i am not good at
(also i have a medical condition called laziness. Richard Watterson is my GOD! )
need a flattr replacement for content makers. using bitcoin tech
like flattr mirco payments for people with small budgets , this would allow people who are out of work like me to still help fund the open source devs whos work we use, the problem is finding and funding them is a pain , flattr makes this easier and possible , but why stop there?
lets say i have a devcoin/flattr (lets call it devflattr for now) wallet and i can afford to buy 5000 devcoins , i set my budget to 1000 devcoins a month.
i add the places i want to give out my coins to and vote, example.
some music : weird al - white and nerdy (5) afroman because i got high (5) mystic roots - pass the marijuana (2)
podcasts : letstalkbitcoin (10) podcast 2 (1) podcast 3 (3)
apps : vlc (10) knoppix (10) firefox (9) cherrytree (6)
how lets take does 10 iteams and add them up,
5+5+2+10+1+3+10+10+9+6 = 61 shares
the 1000 coins / 61 = 16.393442623 per share , so
 some music : song 1 (5) = 81.9672131148 coins song 2 (5) = 81.9672131148 coins song 3 (2) = 32.786885246 coins 
podcasts podcast 1 (10) = 163.93442623 podcast 2 (1) = 16.393442623 podcast 3 (3) = 49.180327869
apps : app 1 (10) = 163.93442623 app2 (10) = 163.93442623 app 3 (9) = 147.540983607 app 4 (6) = 98.360655738
 = 1000 coins at the end of everymonth the coins get sent. 
this can bring back a meaning to voting with your money , by giving direct to devs without going throw 3rd partys like paypal , also for funding kickstarters , voting and so on. namecoin can be used to shorten address i belive , and most of all it will/should be decentralized
also if there could be some kind of dir example , i type in knoppix into a dir and get a list of all the opensource free software on the distro , so i can pick and vote on all the apps i use on that distro,
the big problem with open source is its f**king hard to donate and fund opensource, i am working on my own distro and having to search for all the devs that made the apps i am going to use is BORING and HARD! we need to find a way to make this easy and simply and allow us to have better control over are budgets which we can give!
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looking for a way to replace a centralized service like flattr with a bitcoin coinsplit wallet.
flattr allows me to set a budget of what i can afford , and splits it in even shares to all parties at the end of the month , i want to be able to do this with bitcoin without the need for a 3rd party .
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Flattr micropayment - how it works? Biertaucherpodcast Folge 159 Patreon Juan David Castro - YouTube

2 Gedanken zu „ProTip – die Bitcoin-Flattr-Synthese“ MrAwesome sagt: 17. April 2015 um 08:14 Uhr Es gibt schon heute die Bitcoin Flattr Alternative mit Es ist wie ProTip eine Browser Wallet und funktioniert mit jeder Website. Auch solche, welche von Bitcoin noch nichts gehoert haben. Ausserdem werden alle Spenden auf der Community Platform gesammelt und ... Die letzte Art von Offline-Wallet ist das sogenannte Paper-Wallet, bei der die Bitcoin-Keys und Adressen einfach auf Papier aufgeschrieben werden. Dies ist extrem sicher, da es technisch unmöglich ist, dass Hacker darauf zugreifen können. Jedoch sind Paper-Wallets nicht sehr benutzerfreundlich und für alltägliche Transaktionen deshalb eher ungeeignet. Alles in allem haben die ... I realise that the underlying technologies for Bitcoin and flattr are different, but do they serve the same purpose? For example: if I set up a webapp that uses micropayments for revenue (like git... Fix: Workaround that restores compatibility with the Bitcoin ABC full node wallet (Bitcoin Cash), due to improperly deprecated accounts feature in that wallet (github issue #360). 4.4.6 Add: If a withdrawal cannot proceed due to low hot wallet balance, the withdrawal remains in pending state (would previously fail), and the site’s admin or admins receive emails about this. Nach mehreren Anläufen ist es nun endlich gelungen, ein Wallet bei einem der vielen Bitcoin-Anbieter einzurichten, die im Internet ihre Dienste anbieten. Leider ist bei vielen Bitcoin-Seiten die Bedienung alles andere als selbsterklärend. Teilweise hatten wir Probleme mit der Authentifizierung. Unsere Ausweiskopie wurde mehrfach ohne Angabe von Gründen abgelehnt. Irgendwann hat man einfach ...

[index] [47112] [50353] [3052] [24148] [36946] [15246] [32206] [38357] [27155] [35936]

Flattr micropayment - how it works?

0:13:50 Horst verwendet (wegen Johnny) Mycelium als Bitcoin Wallet für Android-Smartphone 0:17:04 Sven redet über ein großes Linuxbuch aus Graz, kann sich aber nicht genau erinnern. Es geht um —Flattr!— On my Instagram and here on my YouTube, you can like my content! If you have a account and budget with Flattr, you will be sending me a micro donation. In diesem Video die Vorstellung einer Crowdfunding Plattform für Musiker, YouTuber, Comic Zeichner, Schreiber, Blogger, Gamer, Video Produzenten, Autoren, Podcaster, Künstler und Photografen ... This is Flattr - Duration: 1:43. Linus Olsson ... Bitcoin Uncensored Recommended for you. 4:33 ... Future of payments: 5 examples of how mobile wallets create the retail omni-channel - Duration: 4 ... XSS Reflected En Flattr - Duration: 5 minutes, 45 seconds. 195 views; 6 years ago; 2:30 . XSS Persistente My.Avast - Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds. 473 views; 6 years ago; 5:13. Exploit ...