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Cryptocurrency Investors

Hello! My name is Mihail Kudryashev, I am a frontend engineer at Platinum. We are a an international STO/IEO/ICO/POST ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company with huge experience in STO and ICO marketing and best STO blockchain platform in the world! Learn more about it: Our company gained popularity after launching the world’s number one online university with only practical knowledge on crypto economics. Now you can learn how to create and develop your own ICO and STO, how to market your campaign and make it super successful. Who are cryptocurrency investors? What drives people to invest in cryptocurrency? Read the extract of the UBAI lesson to get all the answers.
Introduction to the Investors §2
In 2017, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization was approaching $850B which begs the question:
Why are investors turning to cryptocurrencies?
A survey by Blockchain Capital indicated that at least 30% of millennials would rather invest in bitcoin than invest in traditional stocks. Cryptocurrency investors, like traditional investors, expect a return at least proportionate to the risk they take. Due to the fundamental lack of regulation, incredible volatility and astronomical relative risk, many cryptocurrency investors expect to earn meteoric returns. Returns in the ranges of multiples from 200% to 1000%.
Let us first begin by examining the kinds of people who invest in cryptocurrency, and then let’s see the reasons why each of them is investing in this relatively new market.
Types of Investors
The “Newbie” Cryptocurrency Investor
This investor is just starting out. They probably have not had any significant experience in any form of investing before and bitcoin is their first experience. They have heard about people making incredible returns from cryptocurrency investing, or some aspect of the entire blockchain and crypto revolution attracts them, and they decide they want to invest too.
Unfortunately, most of the newbie investors will end up losing their money, primarily because of one specific misconception; they think cryptocurrency investing is an easy way to make huge profits. “ “Types of Investors §2
“Gambler” or “Get Rich Quick” Investor
This is the second class of cryptocurrency investor, and is actually not really an investor at all.
This type of person is out to make a fortune as fast as possible. They will fall for whatever sweet-sounding scheme they hear. They love ideas that promise to double or triple their investment quickly. Like the Newbie, they do not understand how cryptocurrencies work, and they don’t care. The difference between this kind of investor and the successful individual or professional investor is that the gambler does not care about the management of risk, or about the timing of trades.
They place their money on the table, and they hope it will make a good return. They are gambling rather than creating an investment thesis and executing a well-thought out strategy. They might even have an infectious positive attitude, but unfortunately it is not backed by knowledge or the due diligence required to be a successful investor.
A good example of this style of thinking, outside of cryptocurrency, is high yield investment plans (HYIPs) that promise to multiply an investors capital by a certain factor. This is not to say that all HYIP programs are scams, but a good number of them are. Most importantly, the investors who flock into such plans have similar characteristics to that of the Get Rich Quick investor in that they will not take the time to learn about the field in which they are investing. They are just looking for fast money and an overnight success. “ “Types of Investors §3
Short Term Traders (Day/Swing Traders)
Short term traders must, without a doubt, be the most knowledgeable investors if they are going to succeed at their chosen profession. They have, or they should have, studied the art and science of trading more thoroughly than other people. This is the kind of investor who has taken the time to learn about cryptocurrencies and the markets on which they trade. Short term traders create deliberate and timed strategies in an attempt to profit from fast market movements. Maybe many of the short term traders started off as Newbies, but these are the individuals who took the time and effort to learn about the market. They wanted to know what they were doing. These are the people who survived and thrived to grow into the type of trader that they want to be.
Interestingly, the Day Trader does not attach emotion to any given coin. They do not need to believe in the sustainability/whitepapevision/road map, etc. of the project they are buying into at any particular time. They just need to be confident about the direction and timing of the potential price movement of the coin. “ “Types of Investors §4
Long Term Investors/ Hodlers
A great majority of successful cryptocurrency investors can be most properly classified as Long Term Investors, or HODLers in true crypto terminology. These are investors who understand quite a bit about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and believe in the sustainability of the coins in which they are investing.
Think of the first few investors who bought bitcoin in the early days and years, when it was still deep under the radar for most people. These are the people who believed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. They didn’t sell their bitcoin for fast profit, although they had many chances to do so. They knew what they were doing, holding for the long term. These early investors and HODLers enjoyed astronomical growth all the way up to 2016 and 2017. But to be a long-term holder despite all the bad news and negative factors surrounding this brand new asset class, they must have really believed that bitcoin and the blockchain were going to change the world. This belief can only be established through study and research about the blockchain industry and the specific currencies and tokens in which you are going to invest.
Follow up and learn more on!” “Types of Investors §5
Sophisticated/Professional Investors
These are experts in cryptocurrency investing. They most likely have a background in other forms of trading and investing, such as in stocks, bonds or options etc. They may also be earning fees by investing or managing money for other people.
The Iconomi fund managers are a good example. Each Fund Manager manages an array of digital assets. Investors might choose Iconomi because it offers a platform for the investor to allocate funds to specific fund managers, with the ability to swap between managers instantly if the investor desires to do so.
Each fund manager selects a number of coins in which they wish to trade or invest, with specified time horizons, short or long term. Investors can buy into the array of mutually held coins. This allows investors to utilize the knowledge and experience of professional fund managers to trade an allocated pool of capital, hopefully generating returns greater than the individual investor would be able to produce on his own.
The fund managers are motivated by the fees and commissions they earn, and perhaps a performance-linked bonus. You can certainly be properly classified as a Sophisticated Investor without any need to be a fund manager for other peoples’ money. But a professional fund manager has the ability to trade with a larger pool of capital, manage complicated risk, and diversify trading strategy to generate various streams of income. “ “Between Countries
A particular country’s participation in cryptocurrencies largely has to do with the legal regulations about blockchain projects and crypto currency investment in that jurisdiction.
When China banned the use of cryptocurrency, most Chinese nationals had to withdraw their investments. Many other countries have also placed bans on the use or trade of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Japan that have allowed the use of cryptocurrencies have witnessed a significant rise in cryptocurrency investments as a result. Japan and South Korea are home to several high-traffic cryptocurrency exchanges, meaning that a notable proportion of their population is investing in cryptocurrencies.
Another way to look at cryptocurrency investment demographics is to look at the bitcoin ATMs present in each country. The United States of America is the leading country, followed by Canada and then the United Kingdom.
According to a report by Google trends, the five top countries interested in bitcoin are: South Africa, Slovenia, Nigeria, Colombia and Bolivia.
Remember, cryptocurrency demographics can be a little tricky due to the anonymity involved. Many people may be afraid to participate in surveys, especially when their governments have placed legal restrictions on cryptocurrency investing.
The main point the research seems to validate is that the demographics of the cryptocurrency investor base is diverse. While the average investor may be a white or Asian male between the ages of 26-30 with at least a university degree, the entire investor base is so much larger than that. Many big investors are likely to be significantly older, and have connections and businesses in the traditional economy as well. “ “Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency
While many people have made fortunes from cryptocurrency investing, a handful of them stand out as being particularly remarkable. We will take a more detailed look at some of the biggest investment success stories to see how they did it and learn about their investing strategy.
The Winklevoss Twins
After being awarded their settlement from the lawsuit against Facebook, the Winklevoss twins decided to invest a significant portion of their money in Bitcoin. They invested $11million of the $65million they received. At that time, the price of a single bitcoin was about $120.
This high-risk investment paid off handsomely and they became the first publicly known Bitcoin Billionaires, perhaps owning more than 1% of the total bitcoin in circulation. In an interview with Financial Times in 2016, the twins jointly said that they consider “Bitcoin as potentially the greatest social network because it is designed to transfer value over the internet”. They also pointed out that compared to gold, bitcoin has equal or greater foundational traits of scarcity and portability. “ “Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency §2
Michael Novogratz
A self-made billionaire ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker, Novogratz has invested more than 30% of his fortune in cryptocurrency. In 2015, he announced a $500million cryptocurrency hedge fund, including $150million of his own money. Novogratz believes that “the blockchain, the computer code that underpins all cryptocurrencies, will reshape finance, just as the internet reshaped communication”.
The investment thesis of Mr. Novogratz is similar to that of the Winklevoss twins. He has taken and maintains a long-term position while he trades in and out of short term moves, based on his fundamental belief in the potential and likely application of the underlying blockchain technology. By starting an investment fund in addition to his other cryptocurrency related ventures, he is demonstrating a strong fundamental grasp of the technology, including its applicability and impact across so many industries. Slide
Barry Silbert
In December 2014 after the US Marshal’s office seized 50,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road, Barry Silbert purchased just 2,000 of those bitcoins at $350 per coin. A few years later of course, those coins were worth millions of dollars.
Barry is the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group (DCG) a cryptocurrency investment firm. Barry also made significant profits from Ethereum Classic, purchasing the coin in its very first days. He has invested in over 75 bitcoin related companies, including CoinDesk. As founder of the Digital Currency Group, Barry endeavors to support bitcoin and blockchain companies and accelerate the development of the global financial system. “ “Directly through Exchanges
Step One: Register on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange
To start investing, you first need to register on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Binance is a good exchange to use in this lesson. While it may or may not be the best, it is currently the largest, and they provide a very supportive layout and customer service department.
You should remember, to buy most altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin), you specifically need to use an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken that allows you to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. From there, if you want to trade altcoins not listed on that exchange, you will have to transfer your BTC or ETH to a larger exchange like Binance, and buy the altcoin you want, using whichever trading pair that is best suited (BTC and ETH pairs are most common).
As we have already explained, if you are buying Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies, you should invest in a wallet to safely store your coins. It is not advisable to store your BTC or other crypto on the exchanges for too long, due to hacking and other risks. “ “Directly through Exchanges
Step Two: Determine your Strategy
There are different ways to invest. You need to find a strategy that works for you and your specific set of skills. The value of a cryptocurrency is not defined by a formula or something out a textbook. If everyone was able to calculate the actual value of a share of stock, for example, or a bond, or other tradeable asset, then the price on an open market exchange would never move. Buyers and sellers would know exactly how much the asset is worth, so there would be no reason to sell lower or buy higher than the actual value.
You need to come up with your own ideas and strategies to take advantage of market moves. Sometimes you will have a position that is contrary to the general market. Other times you might be trading in agreement with a majority of other market participants. Investors are basically separable into one of two groups of thinkers. Contrarian investors go against the crowd, swimming against the current; Momentum investors ride the wave feeling secure in the majority. Being different can be good or it can be bad. You do not always want to necessarily get caught up in the most crowded trade. “ “Things to keep in Mind
Bitcoin Futures
We need to mention the bitcoin futures market as another potential way to invest. Toward the close of 2017, Bitcoin started trading on two fully recognized and well-established futures markets; the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME.
The key quote from the exchanges was “because the futures can be traded on regulated markets, it will attract investors, making the market liquid, stabilizing prices and it will not suffer from low transaction speeds of Bitcoin Exchanges.”
For a risk averse investor, this offers a safer entry into cryptocurrency investing. A futures contract commits its owner to buy or sell the underlying asset, BTC, at a set price, and at a set date in the future. The investor in the futures contract does not actually own the underlying asset, but rather is trading on fluctuations in the price of the asset over a certain timeframe, as specified in the futures contract. “ “Things to keep in Mind §2
Common Pitfalls We cannot conclude this lesson without one more look at the common pitfalls a new cryptocurrency investor should avoid.
The problem areas are: -Falling for scams by failing to carry out due diligence. -Relying solely upon self-acclaimed crypto gurus and experts. If you want to trade, you must understand how to read news and charts for yourself. -Too much Greed. Not taking profit when you should. It is better to take a 20% gain, than wait for a 100% gain, only to lose it all in the end. -Lacking an investment strategy or exit plan. -Not sticking to your investment plan or strategy. -Allowing emotions to rule your decisions. Chasing your losses. -Investing what you cannot afford to lose.
And finally, some time-tested wisdom from Wall Street: Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered every time. (Don’t be greedy!)
We cannot overemphasize the risk involved in cryptocurrency investing. The potential to make huge gains over a short period of time does not come without risk. There is no doubt that significant players in the global financial markets are entering the cryptocurrency markets too. We are likely to witness more and more government authorities trying to regulate cryptocurrencies, hopefully to the overall benefit of a healthy market. It seems safe to say we will see cryptocurrencies become more mainstream due to the intense interest from the traditional financial industry and institutional investing community all over the world. What are better ways to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies? Which pitfalls should you avoid? Learn all on successful ICOs and STOs after reading the full lesson: How to start your STO/ICO campaign in 2019? Contact me via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn to know more about our education: Facebook LinkedIn Instagram
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HYIPcoin Watchlist

An Introduction to HYIPcoin

Note: This post have tables that may not show correctly in portrate mode in mobile devices. We advise to enable landscape mode in mobile devices or view and read this post using a desktop or laptop computer.

HYIPcoins are any cryptocurrency coins or tokens with the following primary notable characteristics:

  1. An internal lending platform where users serve as lenders/investors. Deposits to the internal lending platform are usually in the form of other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The deposited cryptocurrency will be used to purchase the coin/token and will usually be converted to USD. The coin/token developes promises daily interest profit using a "trading bot", "volatility software", or "A.I." Daily interest profit will be rewarded in USD too. Investment capital will be released in USD and NOT in the cryptocurrency used during initial investment. More likely, if you initially invested 0.01 BTC worth $100, you will be given back BTC or HYIPcoins worth $100 on capital release and not 0.01 BTC (however this may not apply to all).
  2. An internal exchange where users can trade the coin/token to Bitcoin or among other major cryptocurrency such as Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, etc and vice versa. The most probable reason for the implementation of an internal exchange is the lack of support from major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, CEX, etc for reasons we are not aware of.
  3. A referral/affiliate program that offer percentage incentives to existing users who can invite new users to participate in the internal lending platform. The referral/affiliate program is most likely in a pyramid scheme format. For this same reason, many users in social media promotes HYIPcoins in order to gain referral/affiliate commissions from new users. More likely, referral/affiliate commissions are not only earned by the referrer during the initial investment of the users under them but also every time that these users reinvest (however this may not apply to all).
  4. In most cases, the developes and direct project participants, and the actual physical business location are anonymous for reasons whatsoever. Because of the anonymity of most of this kind of cryptocurrency, its developes and direct project participants can cease its operation mostly without prior notice. example reference1 reference2 reference3 reference4 reference5Also, it has been confirmed that creating a cryptocurrency is not as complex as everyone assumes. Capitalists and fraudsters alike can simply create a cryptocurrency coin using third party blockchain makers such as Wallet Builders as an example and this is the case for most fraud/scam cryptocurrencies.
Take time to read the following Investment Alert from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to further your knowledge regarding risky cryptocurrencies:
  1. If the ICO that you are dealing with is a potential fraud/scam/risk, please read: Investor Alert: Public Companies Making ICO-Related Claims
  2. If the Cryptocurrency is engaged in a HYIP or Ponzi scheme: Investor Alert: Ponzi schemes Using virtual Currencies, Investor Alert: Investment Schemes Involving Cryptocurrencies
HYIPcoin Minimum Lending Amount (MLA) Interest Per Month Capital Lock for MLA Referral/Affiliate Program
Bitconnect $100 worth of BTC up to 40% 299 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
Bitconnectx on ICO ? ? ?
Ethconnect $100 worth of ETH up to 45% 179 days ?% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Bitfincoin $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 186 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Davorcoin $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 299 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Regalcoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% TBD 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
Falconcoin $1 worth of BTC ? 180 days ?
Libracoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 240 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 4
Hedgeconnect $100 worth of BTC, BTD up to 40% ? ?
Bitfinite $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 120 days 3% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
Lendconnect $100 worth of BTC up to 155%? 120 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 4
Bit4G $100 worth of BTC up to 49% 279 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
Lendalt $100 worth of BTC, BCH up to 2% daily 299 days 10% Lvl. 1
Magiccoin $100 worth of BTC up to 50% 99 days? 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
Eigencoin $1 worth of BTC up to 1% 60 days? 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Etherbanking $100 worth of BTC up to 0.55% daily 365 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
Ficoin on ICO ? ? ?
Exacoin $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 179 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
Westerncoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 240 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
Numivcoin $120 worth of BTC up to 40% 90 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 9
Dekado $100 worth of BTC, BCH, ETH up to 42% 249 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
UCoincash $100 worth of BTC, ETH up to 40% 291 days 6% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 9
Goldreward $100 worth of BTC, ETH up to 45% 280 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 4
Monyx $100 worth of BTC up to 60% 140 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
BeConnect on ICO ? ? 9% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 4
Hextracoin $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 239 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
EMCoin $100 worth of BTC up to 3% daily 299 days 9% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
PolyNetwork $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 129 days ?
iFan $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 120 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 8
Unixcoin $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 179 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
Cointeum $100 worth of BTC up to 40% on ICO 10% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. ?
Ideacoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 240 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
SFIcoin $50 worth of BTC up to 50% 270 days 100% commision earn of referred users
Loancoin $100 worth of BTC up to 30% ? 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Bitserial $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 139 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
TEXcoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 259 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
Martcoin $100 worth of ETH up to 67% 189 days 10% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
Goldgate $100 worth of BTC, ETH up to 48% 199 days 15% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 2
Bitwinner $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 180 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
Zapphirecoin ? up to 2% daily ? 10% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. ?
BitChamps $100 worth of BTC up to 48% 299 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
Bitfintech ? ? ? ?
Forzacoin $100 worth of BTC up to 1.25% daily 84 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
Atroxcoin $50 worth of BTC up to 50% 250 days 8% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
Legendcoin $1 worth of BTC up to 45% 100 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
V-One $100 worth of BTC 0.35 % daily 199 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
Coinnect $100 worth of BTC up to 50% 299 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 5
VCXcoin ? ? ? ?
BCC-Cash $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 180 days 6% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 10
VCXcoin ? ? ? ?
Tauruscoin $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 291 days ?
BitsTrades €100 worth of BTC up to ?% 289 days ?
Bitstacks $100 worth of BTC up to 45% 150 days 12% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 7
Zoukcoin $50 worth of BTC up to 47% 190 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
LendEra $100 worth of BTC up to 42% 260 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
Chrysoscoin $100 worth of BTC 1.5% daily 210 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
DiamondReward $100 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC up to 48% 239 days 7% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 6
Tenocoin $100 worth of BTC up to 55.8% 240 days 5% Lvl. 1 with referral % up to Lvl. 3
LucisDollar $100 worth of BTC up to ?% 299 days ?
Bitcaptera ? ? ? ?
We will soon release an additional watchlist for other cryptocurrency-focused quantitative trading platforms that offer lending services with referral/affiliate programs in a pyramid scheme format.
Post Disclaimers:
  1. The HYIPcoin Watchlist is for consumer information purposes only. Nevertheless, government regulators, private and public consumer welfare and protection groups, and other organizations, institutions, agencies, among others can use this list as a reference for any purpose it may serve — we hold the rights to deny any allegiance, partnership, cooperation, or connivance to any groups, organizations, institutions, agencies, among others in the establishment of this list.
  2. We do not promote that HYIPcoins are scams - nor they are not. Judging their credibility is solely based on anyone's perspective.
  3. We do not discourage anybody to purchase any HYIPcoins nor participate in its lending platform and/or referral/affiliate program - it is anyone's prerogative to purchase and/or invest at his/her own risk.
  4. We would like to remind though that government regulators can find such cryptocurrency as a scam/fraud/risk and in violation of their consumer protection law and/or security and exchange regulations therefore government regulators still has the authority to release an emergency cease and desist order with or without prior notice. In such scenario, users, advertisers, and/or promoters of such coin/token will be at risk of prosecution under affinity fraud punishable by a fine or imprisonment. example reference1 reference2
  5. Regarding the use of the term pyramid scheme instead of multi-level marketing in relation to the referral/affiliate program of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in the list above, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission states "not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. (Pyramid schemes) may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure".
  6. Regarding the use of the term HYIP and ponzi scheme, as per U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, it has come to our attention that the cryptocurrencies mentioned above falls on the Common Red Flags of Fraud. Nevertheless, as what we have mentioned in our Post Disclaimer 1 and 2, we do not have the rights to promote that HYIPcoins are scams nor discourage anybody to purchase any HYIPcoins nor participate in its lending platform and/or referral/affiliate program - its anyone's prerogative to purchase and/or invest at his/her own risk.
We welcome any suggestions and recommendations for editing as well as any requests for removal of a cryptocurrency in the list so long as a reasonable proof that the cryptocurrency in defense does not have any of the characteristics of a HYIPcoin mentioned above. More so, please DYOR about HYIP first before doing a request for removal. Rude complaints will be treated the way they deserve.
We will be looking out for more HYIPcoins that we will come across and will update this list from time to time.

✍ We are looking for contributors on this list. If you know any HYIPcoins and want them to be added on the list, please leave a comment.

Feel free to tweet and share to any social media platforms.
☕ Thank you.
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(Rant) It makes me kinda sad...

I'm a programmer, and I'm really excited about Bitcoin. I'm even more excited about opportunities it brings.
Removing all the hassle which is associated with handling money for startups is one thing (it's particularly important for inhabitants of ass-backward countries), but there is also some sci-fi level stuff which is now possible. Say, advanced contracts which can be enforced via blockchain. (See also: smart property, agents.)
Completely decentralized, anonymous markets for financial instruments and predictions: it would potentially allow anybody in the world to invest into anything, including price changes and news. (See also: assassination market.)
Also Bitcoin technology can be used as a basis for decentralized Ripple implementation, which might have a profound effect on economies: people won't be bound to money they have, lending from social network would become trivial. (It can also help with bitcoin p2p exchange and loans, making bitcoin available to wider masses.)
These are just things which come to my mind, I'm sure there are more of amazing things which can be built with help of and for Bitcoin.
So what makes me sad?
Some people can throw around crazy amounts of Bitcoins for shits and giggles, but very little goes towards developers who can make sci-fi level shit a reality.
You probably know what I'm talking about. I cannot blame people who have invested in various HYIP schemes (or mining, for that matter), they just want to get profit out of it, but when, say, somebody bets like 5000 BTC just to make a statement, I can't help but think what this money could enable if they it was not spent on a bet.
For example, $5000 could allow some programmer to take a break from his day job for like a month so he could spend it on some cool Bitcoin project. For some good programmer it's enough to build a cool thing like a p2p exchange or one of things I've mentioned above.
So 5000 BTC, which is about $50k now, could finance a lot of great things, it can be a huge step towards the future. It could fund a 'killer app'. Or maybe not, but it's worth trying.
Instead we are discussing whether certain HYIP is Ponzi or not...
This is why I'm said.
tl;dr: Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!
(I'm posting via an alt account because I don't want to associate my real identity with this rant.)
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how to win Bitpetite + in depth review

I'm going to start with a classic disclaimer (this is not investment advice, these are my thoughts, opinions, and personal experience)
i recently got into bit petite after seeing it a few times and doing some research i didn't find much but that's to be expected. why i expect this, partially based on what information is available for most other HYIP, considering even the most popular one bit connect has very little information available on it, its not much of a surprise bit petite has slim to no information available.
open investments began may 20, 2017
instant payouts once withdrawal limit of 500,000 sat is reached Min. withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC (10.00 USD), 0.01 ETH or 0.10 LTC (3.00 USD)
Facebook= Twitter = Reddit = basically empty Bitcoin talk= few posts nothing too special Steemit = few posts, only one so far that is helpful
I'm noticing people are creating fake profiles for bit petite and placing their referral code as the website link (of the 5 twitter accounts 4 have referral links in website area several of the Facebook ) there is great referral incentive especially if referrals spend more than 10k so be careful who you support with your referral.
referral description (taken from site 10/18/17) Extra partner reward
There is also an additional partner reward: we pay 3% of the money all your Level 1 referrals earn together. As soon as your Level 1 referrals invest $3000, your reward will increase to 5%; starting from the $5000 total investment, you'll be getting 7%; and if the total investment of all your 1 Level referrals reaches $10,000 or more, your additional reward will be 10% of their total earnings.
payment description(taken from site 10/18/17) Investors
Invest with us! Minimum daily earnings from 3.97% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. We offer higher interest and a broad choice of deposit terms. You may deposit as little as $10. All deposits and payments are made in Bitcoin. Freeze the current bitcoin exchange rate for the term of the deposit and receive your returns in dollars. Withdrawals are made immediately upon request. Make your deposit and start earning today.
How are my earnings accrued without conversion to USD? For instance, you invest BTC at 4.5% per day without conversion to USD. For each 1 BTC you invest for 6 weeks, you will receive 0.045 BTC a weekday. Your weekly earnings will be 0.245 BTC (5 weekdays at 4.5% and 2 weekend days at 1%).
How are my earnings accrued with conversion to USD? For instance, you invest BTC at 4.5% per day. BTC are converted to USD at the current exchange rate at the moment of deposit, let's say 1 BTC = 950 USD. For each 1 BTC you invest for 6 weeks, you will receive $42.75 a weekday. Your weekly earnings will be $232.75 (5 weekdays at 4.5% and 2 weekend days at 1%). The payback period will be 4 weeks. Your earnings will be calculated in USD at the same exchange rate as at the time of the deposit. At the time of withdrawal, your earnings will be converted to BTC at the exchange rate current for the moment of payout.
note deposit amount fluctuates with btc\eth\ltc prices part of the above statement is untrue btc .005 eth.035 ltc.25
Review: my personal opinion is that this is a VERY risky investment and you should only spend what you can afford to lose, if you follow my provided compounding method you can easily double your money within the 6 week term or potentially collect from bit petite daily for as long as the site lasts
instant payouts once withdrawal limit of 500,000 sat is reached
i say this is a risky investment because you are participating in a money tumbler ran by anonymous people what they do is most likely not legal and will eventually be taken down again my personal opinion, but with that said if it goes 30 days you make you initial investment back and if you complete a single 6 week term you get 147% if you complete the 9 week term you get 180% there is no capitol release at end of term, instead you are paid an hourly dividend 24 times per day. during the 6 week term you get 4.5% per week day 1% per weekend day timer is (00:00) @ 5pm PST during the 9 week term you get 3.8% per weekday and 1% per weekend day. these numbers work out the the 147% and 180% respectively
on average 2000 people have been joining bit petite per day and this number will continue to grow until it becomes unsustainable or some party gets greedy.
being a money tumbler bit petites main business is facilitating anonymous transactions by laundering the money through various accounts. this service is very similar to what dash offers for anonymous transactions, and after thinking about this i also wonder about the other "pseudo-anonymous transacting currencies "
money laundering is a very profitable business. it has proven uses and is extremely effective if done properly therefore it is a "valuable" service and several currencies offer similar features within the coin itself "Every year, more than $300 billion in concealed transactions is moved around the United States, according to a U.S. Department of the Treasury report on money laundering and terrorist financing threats."source(
how to beat bit petite and WIN BIG its actually relatively simple COMPOUND, COMPOUND, COMPOUND i will be providing links to some spreadsheets I've constructed below
basically you deposit enough of whichever currency you can afford ONLY USE BTC->BTC ETH->ETH LTC->LTC USING THE USD->BTC/LTC/ETH IS ONLY GOOD IF YOU WANT TO BET THAT THE MARKET WILL GO DOWN.
so far btc -> btc has been very profitable for me especially since btc has gone up drastically in the past few days. making my payout go from ~25$ to ~30$
the goal is to deposit enough into your account so that you can make a daily withdrawal and redeposit it compounding the dividend you receive the next day, since you only get 1% on the weekends you will most likely only be able to compound on the weekdays unless you have 2500$ or more invested and in that case you are really "cooking with gas" as your investment will more or less double in 30 days . btc deposit amount to start 6week/.1119 9week/.14 eth deposit amount to start 6week/0.225 9 week/ 0.28 ltc deposit amount to start 6week/2.25 9week/2.8
there's a couple strategies i've devised from here depending on how risk averse you are
compound for 28days then withdraw daily and collect appx 200% by the end of a 42 day term 
2.compound for a (set period) collect daily after set period with daily compounds and a 63 day term you can scale infinitely and collect once you have extremely large daily payouts(within the 6mo-1yr range )6mo = 25k+ 1yr=500k+ it climbs exponentially as you move further into the future
compound daily and withdraw every 8 days (can go as low as every 4days and last 150+days )if you compound daily then withdraw and keep one payout every 8 days you can sustain-ably pay yourself forever theoretically as your expiring contracts never catch up with you, this method would net you 2.5 million over 2 years source: 
if you have any questions feel free to ask. i personally am planning to compound for 6 months, i may potentially break my investment up over several accounts and play the spread, have one cashout as soon as it breaks even on what i invest , have one go 3 mo, one go 6 mo and have 1 run indefinitely
remember guys in risky investments cash out early cash out often, don't get caught holding the bags.
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Crypto Safety Education Series #4: Combat phishing scams - How social media scams works and how to avoid them

Note: this is the fourth part of an ongoing crypto safety educational series. Other parts of the series are
part 1 of the series to understand how domain works.
part 2 of the series on how to identify and avoid ads phishing scams
part 3 of the series on how to identify and avoid email phishing scams
Yep, crypto social media phishing, especially twitter phishing scams, are out of control. Browse Ethereum co-founder Vitalik’s twitter profile or Binance’s CEO Changpeng’s twitter profile you will see they have been the target of so many twitter impersonators that they literally have to update their names to Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin and CZ (not giving crypto away).
Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey have admitted to the problem and said that the team are implementing measures to prevent crypto scams.
Whether or not Twitter’s solution will work is yet to be seen. But meanwhile we can always equip ourselves with the best weapon - knowledge.
Some of the most popular social media scams go beyond standard phishing scam practices. According to our research and analysis, we have identified 4 main ways scammers use social media to defraud users: Impersonation, Ponzi/HYIP and ICO scam promotion, Malware distribution, and Chatroom scams. Below we will briefly walk through how each one works.
1. Impersonation of Established Company or Person
This is SO extremely common for any established crypto-related companies or figures that you can find a dozen of imposters just by clicking through replies of most established companies or person’s any single tweet.
Coinbase pinned this tweet that provides a perfect example of how twitter scams works. Imposters will commonly post tweets that they are giving away free coins in exchange for a small deposit.
They will then use hundreds of bots account to post fake claims that they have send money and indeed received free coins in return. *THEY ARE 100% FAKE.
When Binance was down due to maintenance this past Feb, scammers went all out. One of the Binance twitter imposter collected over $10,000 in matter of hours in its ether wallet.
4 signs for fake twitter profile. If a twitter profile meet all 4 below points, it is a fake profile pretending to be someone they are not.
Account name is the same as a popular cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, news or public figure, but twitter handle contains misspelling. Account has a low number of followers (< 1k) Account has a short account history (within the last couple months or days) Account lacks a verified badge
2. Ponzi/HYIP and ICO scams Promotion
Do you want to become rich overnight and earn 100x returns on your investment within months?
Hard to say no to that, right?
That is how many Ponzi, High Yield Investment Programs and ICO scams attract investors’ attention - by promising no risk and ludicrous investment returns in an extremely short amount of time.
Cryptocurrency holders are risk takers who have high-risk tolerance since one would need a strong stomach to weather through the crypto market swings. That is also the exact reason scammers identify crypto investors as the perfect target for investment scams.
Scammers will use social media, often offering promoters referral perks as incentives, to spread links to their websites that promise high investment returns.
These types of promotional messages can spread like wildfire on social media since platforms like Twitter and Facebook make sharing easy with a click of a button. Many people are drawn to the potential referral earnings and end up spreading malicious links.
It’s easy to avoid getting caught in this type of scam on social media - don’t be greedy. No one will give you way above market average returns with no substantial risks involved.
If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
3. Malware Distribution
Embedding viruses and malware into popular downloads is an old and common hacking technique. Crypto scammers certainly do not miss out on this proven method to steal coins.
Scammers distribute malware through mining software that claims it will help you to make money during your sleep or through desktop wallets that can “safely store” your crypto assets. Once you download the software, it will unpack malware that can steal all sorts of information from your computer, including your wallet’s private key.
Look at this one example of just how much malware were contained in one downloadable mining software reported on ZeroFox.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
4. Send Scams Through Chatroom Messages
There are few ways one can be deceived through chat services. Some chat services, such as Slack, allow users to share the same display names, which can cause confusion and make it difficult to tell the impersonator apart from the crowd.
Many messaging services also use standard formatting for chat messages, which allows a user to embed a different URL in a messaged link that is different than the text displayed.
For example, in a case reported on International Business Times, a slack user warned another group member of an attack on MyEtherWallet to distribute a phishing link, shown in this screenshot.
If you click on the link that looks to be the official URL for MyEtherWallet, you will be redirected to a phishing site aimed to steal your credentials.
How to avoid chat room scams? Do not trust easily, and always verify the information from other popular sources. Scammers love to use FUD tactics to mislead innocent investors.
Here at Crypto Aware, we have recently compiled a list of official URLs and social media profiles of popular cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets.
P.S If you are the victim of a cryptocurrency social media phishing scam, please report your case to us here. Here at Crypto Aware we are establishing the First Responder Network for crypto-related scams. Your reports will remain anonymous, we will relate your report to related platforms if necessary and will relate them to the crypto communities here at Reddit and elsewhere.
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ICO for dummies

*What is an ICO? Many has asked (and, quite conveniently, answered) this question in gigabytes of articles. But even those articles had passages that required articles (or asterisks) of their own.
There are many people, who are interested in investing, however they are far from the budding cryptocurrency market if not conventional stock market.
Many potential investors still bear scars of various Ponzi schemes: Rothstein, Payne, Pearlman — these guys had made piggy bank our go-to investment center year after year. These people (investors, not schemers, duh!) need a healthy dose of information before they feel safe to invest again.
One needs to give them a bit of cryptocurrency background. I will read you a sermon on ICO ELI5.* [url=][img][/img][/url]
This article is primarily targeted at the people who have some spare money, would like to put it somewhere, but don't want to approach banks. At the same time everybody wants to be “in”, as only squares invest in stock market. The current New Frontier is cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and altcoins), ICOs and ITOs. Last two terms are really close in their meaning and are both linked to blockchain. Of course blockchain is unthinkable without Internet, but, I guess, if you are reading this article you know how to get online!
Well, in the beginning there was blockchain. The significance of its invention analysts compare with the significance of the invention of Internet itself. Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks (crickey!). The chain basically worths ten times its weight in gold. If you put a pre SegWit Bitcoin on a floppy disk that is... I dunno why you would, but someone actually did it (one dude lost his HDD with bitcoins for real)! This information chain, or rather its blocks, is scattered across decentralized PCs all around the world. It handles transactions in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is electronic money. “Crypto” means that they are heavily encrypted. Therefore, it is nigh impossible to forge or otherwise corrupt it for a regular user as well as a team of master hackers.
Cryptocurrency is not issued by any state or private bank. Cryptocurrency’s story began in 2008 with Bitcoin. Actually first blockchain was described in the early 1990s and became the basis for Bitcoin as the first (and the most valuable) cryptocurrency. One could describe block chains as a digital ledger — kept by all parties — in the pristine condition. It cannot be edited, changed or redacted by anyone as it is constantly verified by all other parts of the network. This organization of data storage makes the system nigh impossible to crack (it does not protect the person with wallet from some bruisers taking a crack at him IRL though).
Apart from Bitcoin there are more than 1,000 types of cryptocurrencies, however Bitcoin takes the lion share of market followed by smaller guys like Ethereum or Ripple.
Every day the market is redistributing the market shares between well-established cryptocurrencies and the newcomers. There is a chance of some new cryptocurrencies skyrocketing to the top of the coin chain, albeit a slight one.
The main advantages of cryptocurrencies: - Anonymity of the transaction’s participants is protected — only the wallet address is known, - Transaction takes seconds or minutes to transfer (depends on the miners / participants ratio or condition of the network), - Transfer fee is approximately 0.01%. - Decentralized network works without the middlemen, i.e. supported by participants themselves, - Cryptocurrencies show significant growth over fiat currencies.
However some pillars of our society (the banking system, the stock market, the state itself) are rather jealous and frown on anonymity, decentralization and high investment attractiveness as it is a rather tempting piece of investment versus the ones, provided by the state. So, it is high time to get some tokens… Token meant "sign" in Old English. In the world of E-currency it serves as a proof of transaction of money to some project. That is, the process of issuing shares, entering exchanges, distribution of shares among investors and even investing the money into the project has been considerably sped up and improved by the blockchain technology.
Also it has decreased or eliminated the significance of middlemen like stock exchanges and brokerage firms. Basically token is the equivalent of share, but unlike shareholders token holders do not become co-owners of the company.
As the term “coin” was traditionally used in the field of cryptocurrency the launch of a new coin has been called ICO (Initial Coin Offering) — similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering). There is also a separate concept of ITO (Initial Token Offering), as the tokens can act not only as virtual money, but also have other functions like provision of access to different platforms and services. But in practice, ICO and ITO are interchangeable, and if you so desire to specify, you can use other another abbreviation — TGE (Token Generation Event) — an event for the token generation.
How can you make money with ICO?
The same way you would with old-fashioned stocks. During ICO tokens are sold at the starting price, which is way lower than what it would cost in case of successful implementation of the project. For that reason ICOs are sometimes called “token sale”. Companies, which issue tokens, typically redeem them up at a price significantly higher than the starting price. That is, you buy a thousand tokens for one dollar and a year after sell them for $5. You have just made 400% annually — not so bad, right?
Of course it is not a fairytale... If we look back at the stock market state in its early years we will find peculiar similarities:
First stock market crash happened in England in 1720 and led to passing of Bubble Act — the name speaks for itself. As you know history repeats itself, but, in my opinion, first is farce... Second is tragedy... Stock market boom that took place two hundred years later in the United States led to the collapse of the entire US economy and plunge of the country into the Great Depression....
But let's look at the brighter side — some people make billions in stocks! One of the richest people in the world — Warren Buffett — made his fortune in stocks!
In the XXI century the money lie in cryptocurrencies and tokens! Let us visualize: If you had bought bitcoins in November 2016 for $740 then you would have sold them in November 2017 for $7400 (according to netting 900% annually!!!
As for the tokens — there are those, which outdone Bitcoin growth, e.g. Stratis, whose ROI (Return on Investment — another lingo word you are likely to hear) was over twenty two thousand per cent! Apart from that Stratis tokens will yield dividends like proper stocks! Another additional successful ICO project — media blockchain GOLOS. If you still do not know what it is, you can peruse their site, which is a source of peculiar news from IT field: Its ROI has been 398%.
Also if potential investors feel that the project is profitable, its tokens will sell like hotbitcakes! Just imagine: an innovative browser Brave sold more than 35 million dollars in 30 seconds! Apparently the investors were hooked on the idea of receiving cryptocurrency for ad views! To me it looks like a pretty legit idea....
One would think right away: "Where can you get the latest news about ICO?" Special sites cater to those needs — they are called ICO trackers. These websites provide information about issues of new tokens, their stats and information....
Here is a list of ICO trackers:
You can contact founders of projects, ask experts and gossip with other investors on a dedicated forum
All decent ICO projects have their YouTube channels, accounts and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media... If the project is a real deal it will allocate enough resources on PR and ad campaign.
You should always be able to find White Paper and Road Map, which will guide you through all stages of the project and useful information for the investors. There should be photos of the project team and links to their social network profiles. From these photos should look people with Prudence and Integrity in their eyes, otherwise you might be in trouble...
Pay attention to sections, where it is described how you can reimburse your funds in case the project will turn pear-shaped; will they have unsold tokens burned — in this case tokens, remaining with investors, are going to grow in price.
It also looks reassuring if the project has some material base, that is — if it is connected to real economy. For example, Global Metrology Project has a Metrology Lab that is in such high demand that it plans to develop their own network of centers around the world.
In the process of choosing of a sound project for investment it is very important not to hit a snag, i.e. give money to scammers. Some ICO trackers actually warn about dishonest or straight away shady enterprises. Actually, it is a topic of a completely different article, and I might preach a sermon on it later.
How can you detect a shady enterprise — you can check the project for all the things I have been talking about in the last paragraph: Have the founders got a White Book? Is it a back of the napkin? Are all the conditions of investment stated? Do the rates even look real? All they talk about is "blockchain", but they have no connection to real economy? Shady!
Sometimes project with high hype turn out to be HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) — a kind of Ponzi scheme. Its organizers will promise you pie-in-the-sky dividends AND will actually pay them. At first... Then everything will follow the melody of Robbing Peter to pay Paul tune. One of the brand new Ponzi schemes of the XXI century is OneCoin — it has already gathered $250 M among the growing talks about its untrustworthiness and shadiness.
Certainly there are projects, which will return investment ten- or hundredfold. They are mostly connected with blockchain technology enhancement or application: starting from crypto stock markets, crypto banks and crypto casinos and all the way to tow truck, taxies and dating agencies.
So, as experts would suggest: “Thoushalt not fear to invest — Thou shalt fear shady ICOs!” Firstly, do not sell your kidney to buy some crypto money, Secondly, most experts advice to diversify: “Do not put all of your investment in one ICO.” Lastly: You have to spend time to earn money. Information equals money, so you would have to monitor zounds of sites and channels to increase your profit!
Author: Dickinson-Junior
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Please Help With Scam and Fraud Connections and Resources

Hello All,
We veterans of the cryptocurrency world, as well as most new users, have found out by now fraud and scams are rampant in our little crypto-universe. Many also know (to their financial detriment), not only is it an easy thing for crafty thieves to do, it is virtually impossible to do anything about these crimes. The decentralization and anonymity that makes cryptocurrency such a great asset works to criminals advantage.
What many don't know is cryptocurrency is not completely anonymous. Block chains leave a trail. The problem is finding resources available to track these people down and make them pay for their crimes. Innocent people are being defrauded out of 'millions' of dollars in different cryptocurrency every day to scams and out right thieves.
The scams are all over the Internet and prey off your greed. 'Double in days'...HYIP with daily or weekly percentages which if the owners of these so called 'companies' could actually accomplish...they would be rich without you. The 'double your coins' scam should be obvious. Once again...if they could do this, why would they need you? WELL...they need you to pay off the few before you. Creating the illusion of actually making people money. Then once they get a few people willing to risk some real coin and/or they hit a high enough amount...they disappear. Common sense really is the best remedy for these situations.
Yet there are those scams so elaborate, so smart, pulling the 'long con' meaning they take their time, work slow, work smart, and probably even do some real business. You don't even see it coming when they pack up and disappear.
Then we have the cyber attackers, hijackers, blackmailers, or any combination thereof. They use any of the numerous means to access your computer and/or it's information and hold it ransom demanding 'usually bitcoin' to be paid in order to have your computer unlocked or regaining access to your data.
There are even times when they may find private or compromising information you don't want known by whomever, so they just blackmail you. This information does not have to be on your computer, it can come right from the Internet. Like say some juicy videos or images on some social network, cyber get the idea.
We have some good contacts, (The FBI Internet Fraud Division, National Fraud Intelligence Bureau in the UK, and The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation), but usually these agencies will only get involved if the amount of money involved is quite significant. OR...leads to or involves some other high value crimes: drug rings, kidnappings, forced prostitution, slave trade, child porn, and/or murder. These are not even close to as rare as most people believe, but are actually and sadly quite common and many times funded by everything mentioned above.
So what we need are many as possible. Any and every person, group, association, business, and law enforcement agency, in every country/territory in the entire world that deals with cyber crime. Please...respond here or send us any information you have. It's time victims of cryptocurrency crimes have some type of recourse. The crimes will never completely stop, but once criminals KNOW they can be identified, and they will be charged, these types of crimes will fall drastically.
So I beg of you to reply or send us every contact that you know of or can locate, from every territory in the world. Also please pass this to friends, family, and acquaintances.If you can, please translate this and help spread the world. REMEMBER these crimes many times involve the more heinous crimes mentioned above!
When providing the information please include as much detail and contact information as possible. For those of you reading this somewhere other than our website, we can be found at:
BitCoin Scam Watch and Fraud Investigations [email protected]
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How To Create HYIPs? LEARN SCAMMERS SECRET! Create a Professional Bitcoin Investment Hyip Website without Coding Knowledge 6 Ways To Keep Your Bitcoin Cash Transactions Anonymous Anonymous message to you about Bitcoin [Anonymous] Bitcoin Cloud Mining Script

If you don’t know what a monitor is used for, take a look at the HYIP wiki article.For the cliff notes, they are “ High-yield investment programs” that can change quickly. With our page, you can easily check the status of the industry. Bitcoin HYIP 3% intereest per minute for 600 minutes: Put Your AD Here Start From $300/week. 10X BTC MULTIPLY 10x YOUR BITCOINS WITHIN 10 Minutes! 60er Investment deposit $50 return $1500 after 12 hours . Get Bitcoin Fast Invest 0.02 btc Return 2 btc in 2 Hours. Acheter Bitcoin Pay 0.01 - 0.099 BTC, get 6000% BTC in 24 hours. Bitcoin Stock5800% ROI after 48 hours. Doha Investment 8800% after ... Service supports payouts in Bitcoin and other popular coins, so you don’t have to pay any fees, taxes and be fully anonymous It works under the EU law and it’s farm situated in Lithuania You can rent asic miner for two years, and be sure in passive income during this period of time Bitcoin HYIP are monitored and tested on this page – we are curious how much we can make with these programs and which ones are really sustainable and serious companies which are going to last. HourlyKing. Crypto Investment Firm. Up to 30% daily. monitored since Jul. 03, 2020. Visit Program Platform . HourlyKing is a high performance crypt investment company with very flexible investment ... Cloud Mining Investments / Daily Profit With Bitcoin HYIP ?! Cloud Mining is one of the most popular Bitcoin investment opportunities available so far. The future might bring a bigger variety of ways to make money with Bitcoin, as investment projects are just at the beginning right now and more engagement in this field has to come up hand in hand with cryptocurrency gaining more popularity and ...

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How to remain anonymous while using bitcoin - Duration: 1:55. Tech Insider 113,499 views. 1:55. What Do YOU Need to MINE ONE BITCOIN In 2020?! - Duration: 13:38. VoskCoin 234,082 views. 13:38 ... bitcoin hyip script free download, GCHYIP, Goldcoder, hyip manager pro script free download, HYIP Manager Script, hyip manager script free download, hyip website script free, Script, is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We help you buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely. You can read the latest news. We also provide helpful tools and real-time ... hello friends in this video I am going to show you that how you can create your own bitcoin investment hyip website in just a few clicks Get This script:- ht... In this vídeo we show you how to create one HYIP in less than 20 minutes. As you can see it's very easy and fast to create HYIP to scam people, letting them think that it's a legit company or a ...